What Happened To Tommy Tuberville’s First Wife?

Tommy Tuberville is a well-known name in the world of college football. He has had a successful career as a coach, leading teams like Auburn, Texas Tech, and Cincinnati to numerous victories. However, his personal life has also been a topic of interest for many, especially when it comes to his first marriage. In this article, we will explore what happened to Tommy Tuberville’s first wife and the events that led to their divorce.

Who is Tommy Tuberville?

Before we dive into the details of his first marriage, let’s first get to know Tommy Tuberville. Born on September 18, 1954, in Camden, Arkansas, Tommy Tuberville is a former American football coach. He played college football at Southern Arkansas University and began his coaching career as a graduate assistant at Arkansas State University.

Tuberville’s coaching career took off when he became the head coach at the University of Mississippi in 1995. He then went on to coach at Auburn University, Texas Tech University, and the University of Cincinnati. He has an impressive record of 159 wins and 99 losses in his career, making him one of the most successful coaches in college football history.

Tommy Tuberville’s First Wife

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Tommy Tuberville’s first wife was named Vicki Lynn Grubbs. They met while both were students at Harmony Grove High School. They got married on December 19, 1976, and had two sons together, Tucker and Troy.

The Divorce

In 1991, after 13 years of marriage, Tommy and Vicki divorced. The reason for their divorce was not publicly disclosed. But it was rumored that Tommy had been having an affair with a woman named Suzanne Fette. Fette was a former Miss Arkansas and a former employee of the Auburn Athletic Department.

The divorce was not amicable, and it was reported that Vicki received a settlement of $1.3 million, which included their house and a monthly alimony payment of $5,000. Tommy also had to pay for their son’s college education and provide health insurance for them until they turned 18.

The Aftermath

After the divorce, Tommy Tuberville went on to marry Suzanne Fette in 1991. They have two children together, a daughter named Suzanne and a son named Tucker. Tommy and Suzanne are still married and have been together for almost 30 years.

Relationship with His Sons

Tommy Tuberville’s relationship with his sons from his first marriage has been strained. In an interview with ESPN in 2012, Tucker Tuberville, Tommy’s oldest son, stated that he had not spoken to his father in over a year. He also mentioned that his father had not attended his high school or college graduation and had not been present for any of his football games.

Troy Tuberville, Tommy’s younger son, also had a strained relationship with his father. In a 2012 interview with the New York Times, he stated that he had not spoken to his father in over two years and that he had not received any financial support from him since he turned 18.

Tommy Tuberville’s Second Marriage

Tommy Tuberville's First Wife| gloriando.com

As mentioned earlier, Tommy Tuberville married Suzanne Fette in 1991, just a few months after his divorce from Vicki was finalized. Suzanne was a former Miss Arkansas and a former employee of the Auburn Athletic Department. She was also a member of the Auburn University Board of Trustees.

Controversy Surrounding the Marriage

Tommy Tuberville’s second marriage was not without controversy. In 2003, it was reported that Suzanne had been involved in a physical altercation with a woman named Heather Cook. Cook was a former employee of the Auburn Athletic Department and had been having an affair with Tommy Tuberville.

The incident took place at a restaurant in Auburn, Alabama, and resulted in Suzanne being charged with third-degree assault. She was later acquitted of the charges, and the incident was settled out of court.


In conclusion, Tommy Tuberville’s first marriage ended in a messy divorce, and the events that led to it are still a topic of speculation. His relationship with his sons from his first marriage has also been strained, and they have not been in contact for many years.

Tommy’s second marriage has also been surrounded by controversy, but he and Suzanne are still together after almost 30 years. Despite the ups and downs in his personal life, Tommy Tuberville remains a successful and well-respected figure in the world of college football.

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